PBXact is a fully featured, commercially supported Phone System!

PBXact is based on the world's most popular open source PBX platform, FreePBX. PBXact is licensed monthly per extension and includes ongoing software updates.

Order PBXact Server

The first step to getting your PBXact Server provisioned and online is to select a hosting package. Once your order is processed the VPS will automatically be provisioned and the hosting instructions will be sent to you via email. Proceed to step 2.

Order PBXact Licensing

Visit the Sangoma store and order your PBXact SaaS licenses. Follow our tutorial for purchasing your PBXact SaaS Licenses. Proceed to step 3.

Apply Licensing to VPS

Once you have the PBXact license key from Sangoma simply apply it to your VPS. Follow our tutorial for installing your PBXact SaaS Licenses. You are now ready to configure your PBX. Congrats!

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