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PBXactHosting.com = CyberLynk + Schmooze

PBXactHosting.com is run by CyberLynk and Schmooze through a very close knit partnership. CyberLynk maintains the server hardware, VPS & Dedicated Server billing, upgrades/downgrades and basic account management. Schmooze provides direct support for all PBXact questions and PBXact Licensing.


The PBXact is a fully featured, commercially supported, business communications turnkey solution based on the world’s most popular open source PBX platform, FreePBX. For more information, please visit www.schmoozecom.com.


CyberLynk has built a family of companies through acquisitions and services that have grown into their own brand over the years. CyberLynk has been in business since 1995, is privately held and owns/maintains a datacenter in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Phoenix, Arizona.

CyberLynk is run by a team of highly skilled engineers that maintain hundreds of Linux and Windows servers across multiple brands within the CyberLynk family of companies. Whether you need Dedicated Servers, Spam/Virus Filtering, Offsite Data Backup, website/email hosting, colocation or website design we have you covered. CyberLynk provides one stop shopping for all of your Internet needs.

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