Small Business PBX Solution

PBXact offers every Small Business the ability to have a world class PBX without the world class cost!



raditionally Small Businesses have decided to spend thousands of dollars on a large bulky phone system that would hang in a telco closet, require expensive licenses for extra features and then phones that would ONLY work with that phone system. In today’s world you no longer have to pay all those fees to get the features you require. PBXact solves all of that for you!

PBXact is based on the world’s most popular open source PBX platform, FreePBX. PBXact is licensed monthly per extension and includes ongoing software updates. PBXact INCLUDES all of the features and modules you will need to run your business.

Once you have purchased your VPS or Dedicated Server running PBXact you will need to purchase the licensing for each extension. Once the extension licensing is purchased and the license key is applied to your server the provisioning process will be completed within 20-30 minutes.

Fully Featured PBX System

PBXact offers every feature you could ever want in a PBX system. You will never be charged additional fees for additional features like our competitors. All of our features are fully documented with videos too.

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Peace of Mind Packages

Never worry about support again with the Peace of Mind Packages (POMPS) offered by Schmooze Com. They will ensure all of your upgrades, system changes and questions are taken care of.

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Supported Phone Hardware

PBXact supports over 220 devices and allows you to change settings on a per template basis all from within the PBXact web interface. If you need a phone recommendation please let us know.

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